The study course “Art Pedagogy in a Cultural Environment” prepares students to conduct practical visual arts lectures in art exhibitions or a broader cultural environment. Such an experience is useful in any art communication process. Graduates will gain hands-on experience in discussing art with people of all ages, conducting informal art classes, and evaluating the learning process.

The course “Design Pedagogy” prepares students to teach the basics of design in non-formal and vocational settings. The course is based on understanding, learning, and applying a structured approach or “design thinking” to specific learning environments and situations. Students will have the opportunity to study the origins of various Latvia-based design brands and “translate” these experiences into educational practices and experimentally test them. In design pedagogy, it is essential to ask, research, test, and argumentatively evaluate — these things form an integral part of this course.

The course “Creative Methods in Art Pedagogy” prepares students for planning and conducting art-based visual arts lectures. Such an experience can be useful in teaching non-formal education. Graduates will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in transforming an idea based on creative practice (art or design) into a contemporary art lecture, and preparing, conducting, and evaluating classroom practice.

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