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EPS Erasmus

The activities of international mobility are the center of the internationalization strategy of the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, who joined from 1997-98 in the Erasmus program with the aim of promoting and supporting the international mobility considering the comparison of experiences extremely relevant for the overall growth and the development of quality within the system of Higher Education in Europe. Cooperation between states members through bilateral agreements has grown from year to year by providing the different type of mobility SMS, SMP, STA and STT. These activities are closely connected to the co-operation with the institutions of Fine Art Higher Education in Europe through conferences, exhibitions shared exhibition projects and joint courses (2° level joint master with the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia and a course project under study with the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada).

The specific geographical location within the countries of the Mediterranean and the complex history of Palermo as a deep multicultural reality has of course also improved the development of projects of wider cooperation that include training in the arts in the Mediterranean, consistently linked to the perspective of the new expanded Erasmus program. The Academy has participated in the XI Rencontre des Ecoles d’art de la Mediterranee (Algeria 2011) (educational activities with students from the Mediterranean, meeting with the directors).

The undertaken contacts with the Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris (an STT training mobility was recently held there) and the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts and Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University (Cairo) and the University of Cairo are designed to build in the near future a broader inter-institutional cooperation for the promotion of intercultural dialogue through the arts in the context of the Mediterranean. Internationalization is an essential part of the process of modernization and growth of the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of our education system in relation to the levels of the European offer and reflect on our strengths and specificity to maintain and implement. The opportunities offered by LLP Erasmus mobility programs for study, teaching and training are valuable opportunities to continue our process of growing and regularly check of our goals.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo continue to participate actively in the Paradox , Fine Art European Forum activities ( within the aim of sharing and European integration of the Bologna process, also students are asked to give a specific contribution to the issues under discussion. The results of the working sessions of the biennial conferences (breakout groups) are published on the website of Paradox. Our institution, unique from the state italian Academies of Fine Arts , partecipated at the biennial conferences of ELIA (Nantes, 2010 Vienna, 2012)providing a specific contribution on the results of the work done in the Paradox conference in Palermo (2009). The prof. Mancuso, Erasmus coordinator, is the current vice president of Paradox forum.

  1. The choice of institutional partners (not just academics) is motivated by several factors: specificity , quality and variety of educational programs ( to provide multiple opportunities for training and internships for the students of the 13 different courses of the academic first and second level diploma and important opportunities for shared projects for the activities of teaching and training).
  2. Geographical location: considering Europe as a plural unity to be strengthened through sharing strategies, north and south, east and west, support to countries which have recently joined European Community or are waiting to enter it, looking towards the countries of the Mediterranean area.
  3. Increase training activities SMP (number and variety) ensuring the quality of the training program, its relevance within the curricula of the student and their career opportunities and giving full credit recognition . For mobility activities SMS, STA and STT the institution agrees to improve and expand existing activities or provide new (joint or double degrees , additional master projects and partnership) and integrate the results of all those activities in the development plan of overall institution. Monitor the research and the 3rd cycle programs in Fine Art Higher Institutions and its evaluation methods with the political aim of fostering the process of completing the reform law project of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts , begun in 1999 and not yet concluded . Build new cooperation projects and international inter- institutional agreements in the Mediterranean area.


Student and staff mobility
Monitoring mobility activities to verify the targets, improve or expand existing activities and fully integrate the activities of training and teaching programs within the educational aims of the hosting institution, building up shared modules of teaching activity , joint courses, master in partnership or joint degrees. The institution agrees to integrate these activities in the process of its overall growth and to improve high quality results and collect and disseminate the contributions achieved.
(Cooperation programs and partership wit EU or non-EU countries). The Institutions agrees to develop international cooperation and partnership with new european partners from other european countries and non EU partners (starting from the close Mediterranean ones)to ensure a clear strategy for internationalisation;
The Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo fully adheres to the ECHE contents and conforms to its fundamental principles. The Institution also agree to:

  1. give maximum visibility to the ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) and to the EPS on its website;
  2. promote and support student and staff mobility and ensure full recognition of credits and full support for incoming and outgoing mobility;
  3. provide welcomeactivities, assistance and tutoring to ensure the full integration of incoming students; 4) provide specific language courses;
  4. implement all initiatives to ensure the full integration and equal opportunity for students, teachers and staff during mobility programs;
  5.  to ensure effective and transparent communication and dissemination of the contributions achieved.
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