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Valentina Console
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Valentina Console

Address: Via Archimede 102 Palermo Phone: +39 091/327827 - 3289163727

Nationality: Italian

Date and Place of Birth : 06/03/66 - Mazara del Vallo ( TP )

Teaching Career

From Academic Year 1994/95 to Academic Year 1998/99:

Assistant to the Chair of Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo

1996 Teacher at the Professional course of Costume Design

Cultural Association Antiterra - Palermo

1999/2000 and 2000/2001 Academic Years

Lecturer at the Chair of Theatre Costume at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo

From January 2005 - Stage Designer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo

Theatrical Career

In 1985 she started her job as the theatre as a stage costume designer, starting a collaboration with

the I.N.D.A. (National Institute of Ancient Drama), first in Segesta and then in Siracusa.

In the same year she moved to Rome, where she completed her studies and began to work with set

designer Elio Sanzogni, at the Teatro Antico in Taormina for “King Lear” played by Paola Borboni,

directed by Gino Zampieri; later, at the Argentina Theater (Rome) and the Sceno ’80 Laboratory,

Rome, for the pictorial realization of various set designs by Emanuele Luzzati.

On the occasion of the World Cup ‘90 she collaborated with RAI Sicilia (Italian National Television,

Sicilian office) for the sets of a cycle of programs region dedicated to the guest teams.

She has worked, among others, with directors such as Giancarlo Sammartano, Melo Freni, Grazia

Scuccimarra, Alessandro Quasimodo, Giovanni Mazzara, Fabrizio Lupo, Gigi Borruso.

From 2009 to 2013 with Giovanni Mazzara and Fabrizio Lupo she created and supervised the “Musicaingioco

Festival” at the Politeama Theatre in Palermo with the “Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana”, a

series of musical shows aimed at children, of which she directs staging, stage design and costumes,

realizing them with the laboratory of the Academy students.

For the 2012 “Festino di Santa Rosalia”, the festival of Palermo patron saint’s day she realized with

director Veronica Pecoraino the performance named “Foresta”at the GAM (Gallery of Modern Art)

in Palermo

During the 2013/14 season she works as costume designer for “La Carovana Volante”, at the Teatro

Massimo of Palermo, directed by Gigi Borruso

In the summer of 2014 she realized as a set designer, the average-length movie “The Daydreamer”

During the 2014/15 season she works as costume designer for “Le nuvole di carta”, at the Teatro

Massimo of Palermo, directed by Gigi Borruso.

Artistic and Professional career

Valentina Console has always juxtaposed her teaching job with her professional activity dealing

with fashion (design and tailoring) at the Atelier “Tre civette sul comò”, Palermo of which, she was

a partner until 2003.

Since 1988, she has been working with graphics, communication and advertising, being a partner

and creative director of the advertising agency Console Design s.a.s. of M.A. Sammartano .

As Art Director she was awarded the “Premio Agorà Nazionale” for Quality Communication in

1998 for the packaging of Fazio Winery and in 2007 for the Sicilianagas Calendar .

Since 1998 she has been editing the image of wineries such as Fazio, Tasca d’ Almerita, Cantina La

Vite ( Sicily), and Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari (Tuscany); for these companies she creates the

sets for events and fairs.

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